Thursday, May 5, 2011

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My time management has deteriorated to the point where personal blogging no longer fits into months when school is in session. But with grades turned in, tulips blooming, and the summer stretching ahead, it’s time for an update:
  • I’m extremely proud of my Modern Physics students for their awesome final project presentations.
  • Though all we have so far are tantalizing hints, I’m convinced that great discoveries in fundamental physics are just around the corner.
  • The Utah Transit Authority never did give me the data I requested regarding the proposed Ogden streetcar project. Fortunately, the city council seems to be headed in the right direction.
  • Our very silly mayor won’t be prosecuted for his fraudulent political fundraising, but he won’t run for reelection either, and his Wonder Dome seems to have collapsed.
  • The Ogden Sierra Club’s open records lawsuit seems to be winding down.
  • This year’s historic building scavenger hunt is underway.
  • The buffalo grass is getting a late start on turning green this year.
  • But the myrtle spurge is already blooming and ripe for uprooting.
  • Made the annual pilgrimage to the Selman Ranch to see the sharp-tail grouse do their dance. The snow on the ground didn’t seem to bother them a bit.
  • I don’t trust the stock market, so I’m investing some serious money in home upgrades.
  • Sadly, Ogden recently lost a colorful character and dear friend.
  • Also sadly, Dad is slowing down and no longer able to carry out his “ministry”. I’ll be going to see him again soon.

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