Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Laughing at Politics

Last night I had some fun at the city council meeting, reading a modest proposal for how a candidate can conceal the source of campaign contributions.  Sometimes politicians are so dense that they don’t understand anything short of ridicule.

Even John Patterson laughed out loud.

Gary Williams told me on the way out of the room that I’m “a petty man”.  At least I got his attention.

The writeup in the Standard-Examiner is humorless, of course.


  1. Dan, I'm sure you misunderstood Williams last night. My guess is what he said is: "You are a pretty great man". In that I completely agree.

  2. Did Mr. Williams offer to "cure" you of your petty problem?

  3. blackrulon,

    No, I'm afraid he didn't. His miraculous cures seem to be reserved for Friends of Matt.

  4. I like your way with satire... Aristophanes would be proud.

  5. Thanks, Nereyda.

    Of course, "a modest proposal" is a reference to Jonathan Swift.

  6. what would jesus sayMay 30, 2009 at 7:48 PM

    Don’t worry too much Dan; Gary Williams is a cheap low bid attorney who couldn’t make it in the real world.
    Who’s really petty?

  7. You're right, it was the only humor in a very long evening. For people who get down, there's always the Galaxy Song.

  8. oops, I was referring to the June 2 meeting. Maybe it applies universally.


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